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Portrait of William J ClarkInventor of Twin Blocks and TransForce Appliances

William J. Clark B.D.S.,D.D.O.,D.D.Sc.,F.D.S.R.C.S.Eng

Dr Clark is the first recipient of an award of distinction from the British Orthodontic Society for an outstanding contribution to the specialty of orthodontics. In 2008 he received the first award from IFUNA for personal outstanding international service to functionalism and orthodontics.

Dr Clark developed the Twin Block Technique in 1977 in his orthodontic practice in Scotland. In 2004 Dr Clark developed invisible TransForce Appliances to correct arch form and align the anterior teeth.


Testimonial from Dr Derek Mahony

Appliances and

New e-books by the author on fixed & functional therapy are of special interest to professionals and staff in orthodontic and dental practice. ‘Faces & Braces’ shows patients and parents the benefits of orthodontic treatment to enhance facial appearance and self image.

Orthodontics is not an exact science.  Artistry and aesthetic appreciation are important factors in successful orthodontic practice. In clinical practice it is important to place the emphasis on treatment of the individual patient by respecting facial form, aiming to produce results that combine facial balance and harmony with a balanced functional occlusion and an attractive smile.

An orthodontic approach aims to correct the dental irregularity and is inappropriate in the treatment of skeletal discrepancies.  Functional appliances were developed to correct  the jaw-to-jaw relationship, and as a result restore facial balance by improving function. To achieve the best of both worlds it is necessary to combine the disciplines of fixed and functional appliance therapy.

“THANK YOU! Great work, will help to promote these e-books round the world.”

Dr Derek Mahoney

Specialist orthodontist & teacher, Sydney, Australia 

 “Great book! I’m reading it now.”

Tom Williams,  

Orthodontic  Practice, Fayetteville, GA, USA




“What impresses, are the sheer number of beautifully recorded and treated cases, the variety of techniques that have been used. Reading this book has introduced me to a lot of new ideas, many of which I will certainly be trying out in my own clinical practice. it will appeal to orthodontists at many different levels of experience and I would heartily recommend it as a pleasure to read.”

Professor Martyn Cobourne – LINK TO FULL REVIEW
Editor, Journal of Orthodontics, King’s College, London

“In the four hundred plus pages of this new book readers will identify many of the vexing problems that they face in everyday orthodontic practice. Thankfully, Dr. Clark also presents practical solutions that may be used to solve clinical challenges.

 C Brian Preston (Ph.D.) – LINK TO FULL REVIEW
Professor and Chair, Department of Orthodontics, State University of New York at Buffalo.

“This is one of the most illustrative texts I have ever come across. The variety of malocclusion and facial types and intricacies in their management are supported with photos and text. It provides an insight and guidance to student and practitioner and teacher in orthodontics in management strategies, outcome and limitations of orthodontics.”

Professor O.P. Kharbanda – LINK TO FULL REVIEW
Center for Dental Education & Research, All India Institute of Medical Research