‘Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopaedics’. , Second edition, Mosby, 2002,”The world’s most outstanding functional appliance book”
Professor Tom Graber
Past editor of the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is now out of print but much of the information is contained in ‘Advances in Functional Threrapy & Dentofacial Orthopaedics’.

“What impresses, are the sheer number of beautifully recorded and treated cases, the variety of techniques that have been used. Reading this book has introduced me to a lot of new ideas, many of which I will certainly be trying out in my own clinical practice. it will appeal to orthodontists at many different levels of experience and I would heartily recommend it as a pleasure to read.”

Professor Martyn Cobourne,
 Editor, Journal of Orthodontics, King’s College, London

“In the four hundred plus pages of this new book readers will identify many of the vexing problems that they face in everyday orthodontic practice. Thankfully, Dr. Clark also presents practical solutions that may be used to solve clinical challenges.

A description of the Clark analysis is useful and would assist readers to gain a better understanding to diagnose facial abnormalities and to compare the original facial problems with the results produced by orthodontic interventions.”

 C Brian Preston (Ph.D.)
Professor and Chair, Department of Orthodontics, State University of New York at Buffalo.

“This is one of the most illustrative texts I have ever come across. The variety of malocclusion and facial types and intricacies in their management are supported with photos and text. It provides an insight and guidance to student and practitioner and teacher in orthodontics in management strategies, outcome and limitations of orthodontics.”

Professor O.P. Kharbanda
Center for Dental Education & Research, All India Institute of Medical Research

Universities may apply for discounts to share the file with students as a teaching resource.

The book “Faces & Braces”

“This book on patient education is outstanding”

 Dr Ramesh Sabhlok (B.D.S., M.D.S., M. Orth RCS (Eng)

“The book is written in an informal style that will be easy to read and understand for both teenagers and adults alike.  There are sections including humorous dialogues and questions and answers, making it both a fun and informative read. It would be a useful addition to any orthodontic office and I would enthusiastically recommend it to parents and patients, both young and old.”


“I really enjoyed the message and how it was delivered from the patient’s perspective by someone of their same age group.”

Professor Emeritus Katherine Vig, Ohio State University.

“This is a very fine example of how fantastic eBooks are. I had the experience of reviewing this eBook on the iPad, and it really fits well on this platform. The cost is pretty affordable and attractive, and I believe this can be a nice contribution for both patient education and marketing strategy.”

Professo Jorge Faber,
Editor in Chief, Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontics

“The chatty style of writing coming from Rebecca and her interaction with some of the subjects comes over as very realistic. The text is encouraging and engaging. The photography is particularly good and ‘clean’ giving the impression that the photos were taken in a setting of care and responsibility”

 Eldon Zuill,
Manager of Health Education Board of Scotland