Advances in Functional Therapy and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

This is State of the Art in Functional Therapy and how to combine fixed and functional techniques. 

This is a great way to educate staff in dental and orthodontic practice and illustrate the benefits of functional therapy for patients.


 80 Case Reports                 411 Pages               2007 Colour Images

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“Great book! I’m reading it now.”

“I have been practicing Orthodontics for 30 years and recently became interested in functional orthopedics and the Twin Block. Thank you for writing such a detailed and easy to read book.”

Tom Williams,  Orthodontic  Practice, Fayetteville, GA, USA

“This is one of the most illustrative texts I have ever come across. The variety of malocclusion and facial types and intricacies in their management are supported with photos and text. It provides an insight and guidance to student and practitioner and teacher in orthodontics in management strategies, outcome and limitations of orthodontics.” 

Professor O.P. Kharbanda, Center for Dental Education & Research,

All India Institute of Medical Research 

Mature guidance in diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management in Twin Blocks and Functional Therapy


The book is laid out in the following chapters:

Introduction: Advances in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

1 Functional Treatment Objectives
2 Removable Appliance Therapy
3 Animal Experiments & Research in Functional Orthopaedics
4 Functional Appliance Therapy
5 Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
6 Development of Twin Blocks
7 Twin Block Traction Technique
8 Design & Construction of Twin Blocks
9 Management Of Deep Overbite
10 Orthodontics, Orthopaedics or Surgery?
11 Treatment in Mixed Dentition
12 Treatment of Anterior Open Bite & Vertical Growth
13 Integrating Fixed & Functional Therapy
14 Pitfalls & Contraindications For Functional Therapy
15 Treatment of Class II Division 2 Malocclusion
16 Treatment of Class III Malocclusion
17 Fixed Twin Blocks
18 Fixed Functional Appliances
19 The Carriere Distalizer
20 Art & Science in Orthodontics

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“This book on patient education is outstanding”    

 Dr Ramesh Sabhlok (B.D.S., M.D.S., M. Orth RCS (Eng)